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Infographics that display when fruit & vegetables are in season.


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Pin art by Phillip Karlberg. I love the way he picked out glasses :) See all of his work here.

by kitsnbits by twicedesigns by katndrewcards by TheTrunkShop by 10cameliaway by SarahSchmidDesigns by myjuly by SamOssie

Mother’s Day cards I found on Etsy.

Last night I went to see the Avengers, and it was amazing :)

Infographic: What Music to Listen to at Work? By Column Five Media.

by hedwyg23 by mrralphie by mrralphie by Katie Alves by Katie Alves by Katie Alves by Katie Alves by Katie Alves by Katie Alves

Some amazing make up art I saw today on Noupe (see the entire post here)

Best of Tang Yau Hoong, an artist and illustrator from Malaysia. See all of his work here.

Chocolate architecture

Today, I somehow ended up searching for some cool chocolate sculptures. And I found these creations of Mirco Della Vechhia, an italian chocolatier.

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"Steal like an artist" by Austin Kleon is definitely on my ever expanding reading list.

These sandwiches look too good to eat :) Sandwich art by Funky Lunch. May be I should get more creative with my sandwiches too :)

Simon Beck’s snow art (see more here). 

Minimalistic posters by Matt Owen (see more here). Departed is my personal favorite :)

Monstrum is a Danish company that makes very cool playgrounds. Their creations are not just visually interesting and pleasing, but are also have the appropriate level of complexity to leave some room for exciting exploration.

Footwear art by Kobi Levi


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